How to Get Rid of Mice from your Kitchen

Why winters create more mouse problems

Mice infestation can be very frustrating to any home owner. They dig their little teeth into anything they find. The first sign that your home has been infiltrated by mice is the presence of their droppings in your kitchen or pantry, scratches on your floors and walls and an ammonia like smell. These small rodents…

How To Find Mouse Entry Points

One of the most perturbing issues when it comes to mice is how they get into the home in the first place. Moving into a house that has no mice prior to the shift creates a bigger puzzle. It is wise to understand that mice are sneaky and can get through any opening to the…

Best Way To Keep Your Garage Free Of Mice

How to tell if you have mice in the attic

Many people have mice problems in their garage. This is because garages are full of places for them to hide. Mice can climb up any surface and walk across thin wires and ropes. Objects stored in your garage assists mice to climb and hide in your garage. The insides of walls are the best places…

How To Rid Your Home Of Mice

How to safely clean mouse droppings

Mice are a terror in any home. They scare children, women and men. They also lead to a lot of commotion anytime anybody spots one. This commotion can last for days up until the day someone finally kills or captures the mouse. This commotion is disturbing but highly necessary at the same time. This is…

Find Out the Best Way to Get Rid Of the Mice from Your House

How to deal with mouse nest in your bbq

Many people do not like mice. In fact, most people react violently to the presence of mice. This is due to a variety of reasons. Some of these reasons are mythical while others are indeed practical. It is these practical reasons that we should concern ourselves with. For example, did you know that mice could…

How to Identify Mouse Droppings

Mice need to find some type of shelter and a warm place to call home during the cold season. They seem to find their way through holes and crevices in a house and bury themselves in walls or anywhere in the foundation of the home. It’s almost a guarantee the mice are mating which means…

Keeping Mice Out Mouse Proofing Tips

How mice keep from getting in weep holes

When cooler weather hits, mice are looking for a warm place to stay. Because of this home owners need to take the necessary steps to prevent mice from getting in the house. Mice can cause damage to your house and can be a health risk to all the members in the household.

How To Eliminate Mice From Your Home

Does insurance cover mouse infestation?

Mice are usually attracted to homesteads since they do provide shelter, warmth, food as well as a safe breeding place for them. After they invade the homesteads, destruction of paper products, food, furniture and clothing is expected. They are also a threat to health if anyone feeds on food which has been eaten by a mouse. Furthermore, they…

Best Baits For Mouse Snap Traps

Does insurance cover mouse infestation?

House mice are light gray to brown in color. They have small beady black eyes and large ears. They can live and thrive in many different climate conditions. They are four to seven inches in size as adults with slim tails that are two to four inches long.

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