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We offer effective extermination services and mouse proofing services to make sure you don’ have to deal with mice again.

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Mouse Control and Extermination Solutions in Oshawa

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6 months warranty

We guarantee the quality of every job we perform in Oshawa. All our mice control and extermination work are covered by a 6-month warranty. If you still have a mouse problem after 5 – 6 weeks we will return at no additional charge.

You Can Trust Our Expertise

“I have to give it to you guys; that was good, really good. I have been trying for so long to get rid of those mice. I would set traps and catch no one. I would apply some rodenticides; it would kill a few, but I kept seeing more and more each night. But after you guys did your job, I haven’t seen any again, and it’s been 6 months already.”

Victoria from Oshawa

Mouse Control

Victoria from Oshawa

“I have to give it to you guys; that was good, really good. I have been trying for so long to get rid of those mice. I would set traps and catch no one. I would apply some rodenticides; it would kill a few, but I kept seeing more and more each night. But after you guys did your job, I haven’t seen any again, and it’s been 6 months already.”
Mouse Control

Mouse Control has been helping homes and businesses get rid of mice in Oshawa for decades. Rodents such as mice foraging through your home or business will not only cause significant damage to your structuresbut is also pose a health risk to you and your family. Mice are known to carry infectious diseases, as well as contaminate food. At Mouse Control Oshawa, we focus on prompt mouse control using state of the art tools as well as certified professional technicians.

When mice gain access into your home, it becomes extremely difficult to get them out since they often make their nests in hard to reach areas. It is due to this reason that store-bought solutions often fall short when compared to Mouse Control solutions in Oshawa. Our technicians are trainedabout rodent behavior and biology; theyunderstand how mice think and know exactly where to place baits and traps. Our services are fast and 100% guaranteed.

fully licensed pest control company in the Greater Toronto Area

Mouse control offers unique, long term rodent prevention and extermination services. With our professionally trained and licensed staff, we guarantee you will sleep every night knowing your business and home are protectedfrom the risks of an infestation. In addition to our expertise, we offer the following services to ensure your home and office are safe and mouse free.


mouse inspection

Before extermination, our technicians will evaluateyour property. It is very important to identify what type of rodent has infested your home. Determining if the rodent is indeed a mouse will go a long way in ensuring that the right treatment or extermination solution is prescribed. Once we are certain you have a mouse problem, our team will search through your property for entry points; theywill also look for clues that will help them determine the extent of the infestation such as structural damages, nests, mouse droppings and more.


mouse extermination

Our licensed pest control specialist will come to your home or business and provide treatment based on the results from the initial inspection service. Home extermination techniques vary, and there are several methods that we use to exterminate mice. At Mouse Control, we accommodate the preferences in approach in case our clients have a strong desire for one of our techniques. However, we prefer using methods that will help solve the problemin an effective and comprehensive manner.


mouse exclusion

Exclusion is a service that ensures exterminated pests don’t get access back intoyour property. Our exclusion services at Mouse Control are unique. We used specialized material during proofing since persistent rodents have been known to get around proofing material. Our professional pest control specialists will seal off all the identified entry points to your home or business.

Our Clients share their experience

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We highly recommend Mouse Control! We have been dealing with mouse infestation for a few of years and finally got a company to solve our mouse problem! we are finally mice free!
Marry Smith
We have been having the mouse problem for about 3 years. After we hired guys from MouseControl we have never had any mouse problems or anything! These guys are the best!
David Goldstein
I called Mouse Control about mice in our kitchen and guy solved the problem immediately. They came right out and we haven't seen any mouse activities since! Thank you Mouse Control!
Tonny Bartoli

Comprehensive Pest Control Services

Mouse Control is your one-stop for everything mice and mouse control, but did you know we also offer high-quality eradication services for rats,  cockroaches, ants, bedbugs, wasps, and a whole range of pests. We also offer great preventative measures to make sure that all the pests that we have excluded stay out with the help of our special galvanized steel mesh. All of our technicians are licensed and insured to protect you as well as to assure you that you have the highest quality of service available to you.

Furthermore our technicians have years of experience in the field before being part of the Mouse Control family which guarantees our neighbors all over the region a high quality and an equal standard across all the work we do. We take care of our neighbors well after we are gone with our great warranty that guarantees you a cost-free compensation. When our work is breached we will come to your property and fix the issue immediately and ensure that the breach will not reoccur. We have a wide variety of formulations and tools to make sure that our technicians can do their wok undisturbed without having to working about being held back by their tools. We have helped take care of infestations all across the region and gave back business owners and homeowners the life back they once had. Call now and we’ll take care of the infestation soon!

Our Mouse Control Solutions

Now that you are aware of the potential damage that mice can cause to your Oshawa home or business, you can begin to understand why effective and professional mouse extermination solutions such as those offered by Mouse Control are critical. Proper mouse control is essential when it comes to protecting your property as well as your family’s health. It is important to contact your mouse control professional as soon as you notice the first subtle signs of an infestation.

Defecating and urinating mice will not only produce a terrible odor but also damage your home, they will also spread harmful diseases and parasites if left to thrive. At Mouse Control, we won’t just solve your mice infestation problem; we’llalso protect your home from potential future attacks.  We pride ourselves in a team that is highly trained, experienced and licensed to help you get rid of your mouse problem.

It doesn’t matter the level of infestation you might have; our team is well equipped and experienced to deal with the most complex of infestations. Contact us today and schedule a consultation, our representatives will be more than glad to advise you about your mouse problem.

warranty 6 months
What should I do if mice enter my home

Mouse Infestation health risks

It’s a big challenge trying to stay healthy during winter, flu and common cold often get the better part of us. What most people might not know ifthere is a bigger risk at this time of the year; health risks posed by mice and other rodents. It is estimatedthat more than 20 million homes are infested by mice every winter, their infestation can cause more than a few sleepless nights for the homeownerif not prevented in good time.

When mice infest your home or business, there is an accumulation of feces, and debris as they feed, and search for warmth, food,andshelter in your property. The accumulation of feces in your home can spread harmful bacteria, trigger allergic reactions in humans and contaminate food sources. Apart from the health risks caused, mice can pose a significant property risk since they tendto destroy home attics, chew through building structures, and even electrical wiring. Rodents are known to cause a big percentage of home fires in Canada every year.

About Mice and Rats

Mice and rats are equally destructive. However, there is a slight difference between these invasive rodents. Rats are medium-sizedrodents and have slightly longer thin tails. Mice, on the other hand, are tiny sparrow-sizedrodents that have long thin tails. Besides the fact that mice and rats have physical differences, there are quite a few other differences between them. Your success in getting rid of these rodents will depend onyour ability to define between the two, reason why our inspection services are vital.

The most common rodent pest in Oshawa isthe Norway rat, roof rat, andthe house mouse. While small mouse traps will work for mice, they won’twork with larger rats. Similarly, rat traps that are seton the ground or home floor won’t be able to capture roof rats that are more comfortable staying up. One of the most common differencesbetween mice and rats is rats are cautious while mice are curious.

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Disinfection Services

disinfection services

We are ready to serve for your safety. Disinfecting and Cleaning Services

Our Disinfection Services Include:

  • Botanical Hospital Grade Disinfectants
  • Bio-hazard Cleaning
  • Odour Removal
  • Surface Cleaning
  • Ultra-low Volume Mist Fogging
  • Sanitizing & Disinfecting
  • Pigeon Feces Cleaning and Disinfection
  • Dead Animal Removal and Disinfection
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