How To Remove The Smell Of A Dead Mouse

How to remove the smell of a dead mouse?

So you smell something and it’s not good. You had mice, and then got rid of them (we hope) but now there is something in the air. The good news is you can get rid of it. Either on your own or with the help of a professional. Check around your house for droppings, you’ll find them in places you don’t often go, drawers you rarely open, and places that are normally kept dark.

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You can try to sanitize and clean the house yourself, but where do you start? You have to find the smell first. And that means finding the mouse’s nest. That could be anywhere. In the attic or behind a wall. And sadly there is no stud finder for mouse nests. 

Mice usually enter the house on the ground floor and slowly move up floors over months or years. So a good place to start your cleaning journey is in the basement. Try cleaning down there, maybe search for a mouse nest. If you can’t find it down there then it may require a professional to find. 

We can send in a technician who is capable of finding the mouse nest and sterilizing and deodorizing the area with a vast array of tools and commercial chemicals that are safe for you and the environment. 

The technician can also inspect the residence for activity and place tamper-proof bait stations stocked with rodenticide to kill off the remaining mouse population. They can also do an external inspection to find out how they got in. You can try all this yourself but we don’t recommend it. It’s a lot easier, and in the end, will be a lot cheaper if you go with the professionals at Mouse Control. 

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