How to sanitize my kitchen after mouse poop?

How to sanitize my kitchen after mouse poop?

If your kitchen is full of mouse poop you need to act fast. The area has to be thoroughly cleaned and sterilized before it can be used by anyone.

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Rodent poop is very dangerous. It contains a vast array of dangerous diseases that can be transmitted through touch, taste, and even inhalation. If you see rodent poop in your home you need to either clean it immediately or call professional cleaners, because that stuff can make you ill. 

Sanitizing your kitchen is normally easy, you get your grocery store cleaners together, you get your mops and rags and you get to work. But this isn’t any normal cleaning process. You need vinyl gloves and long sleeves, lab goggles are recommended. You should also wear a ventilator or face mask to prevent the inhalation of any dangerous parasites. Scared yet? The cleaning process is two-fold. First, you clean up the poop, then you sterilize. Do not attempt to do them at the same time cause you will just smear the poop over the clean surfaces without realizing it. 

Or you can call the professionals at Mouse Control. Our technicians are decked out with the latest tools of the trade. We can not only remove the feces, but we will use commercial-grade disinfectants and sterilize the area to prevent any of the toxins in the mouse poop from infecting your family. By the time we are finished with that poop, it will be a faded memory of a time when your kitchen once had mouse poop in it. 

Not just that, we can replace your insulation with high-quality cellulose insulation. Fire retardant and warm as summer in Barcelona. 

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