Tips to protect your garden plants from mice

Tips to protect your garden plants from mice

Field mice are the most likely mice to attack a garden. They are small and grey with little ears and a little tail. If left to their devices they will wreak havoc on a garden. By girdling roots trunks, gnawing the bark of shrubs and trees, and generally murdering all your plants. They will even dig up your bulbs for a mid-morning snack. What can you do to protect your garden from these scavengers?

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You can take the following steps to reduce the mouse population in your garden.

Clean up. Mice hide and nest in lawn debris, dead plants, and weeds give them cover to hide. Avoid using ground cover like peat. Instead spread your plants out so the mice have nowhere to hide.

Build a fence around the garden to stop the mice from getting in. Make sure to use a fine mesh and bury it a few inches deep so they can’t dig under it. 

If the mice are eating your trees you can also try wrapping them with wire mesh, this can prevent the mice from chewing on the bark. 

Use gravel to make a buffer zone between your garden and the mice. Gravel does well to stop them from trying to enter the garden. 

You can also encourage predators like cats to eat the mice. This won’t cure the problem but it will help. 

All of these things will not get rid of your mice issue completely, for that you will need to call a professional. At The Exterminators Inc. Our technicians perform a thorough external inspection for any sign of rodent activity and seal any and all entry points they can use to get onto your property or into your house. 

All of this only takes one to two hours! So, you can get back to what matters to you! After just one week you will notice a dramatic drop-in mouse activity and by the third or fourth week the nightmare will be over, and the mice will be gone! And don’t forget that warranty, if you see even one mouse after four weeks then we will come racing back and make sure they get out! With our know-how and hard work, you will be free from your rodent issues forever. 

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