how to deal with mouse nest in wall

how to deal with mouse nest in wall

Mice are very hard to find. They hide in walls and basements, eventually working their way up the house, floor by floor, over years, and mouse generations. They will remain in their nests throughout the daylight hours and will not come out to hunt for food till they know the house is silent. That is why the only time you will see a mouse out in the open is in the middle of the night. Mice don’t just eat your food, they drip their saliva on it, they urinate on it and they defecate on it. Their toxic feces and urine carry a dangerous virus called the hantavirus. It can cause serious respiratory problems and can be fatal in people with existing respiratory issues. The virus can be inhaled as the feces dry and dust from it enters the air. If you have mice in your walls you are breathing particles of their feces and those particles are carrying hantavirus. Now, there has not been an event of this virus in Canada or the US but it is still important to avoid breathing in the feces.

If you are dealing with rodents, it is best to call a professional mouse removal service in the Greater Toronto Area.

If you want to clean up the feces on your own don’t touch it directly, wear a face mask and maybe some eye protection, and sweep it up gently to not release the dust and spores. Put it in a ready and open container large than you need for the job, you don’t want to have to get another bag now that you are already covered in mouse poo. You will want to finish the job, dispose of the broom and dustpan, and immediately take off your clothes and put them in the washing machine on HOT. Then take a long shower with lots of soap. 

If you are trying to find the mice in your walls you are in for a difficult procedure. The mice are very quiet and only make sounds when they think you are not there. So if you make a loud sound they will go silent. If you stay silent and still you will start to hear them, carefully walk in socks, not shoes, to where you are hearing the sound. Put your ear softly to the wall and you will be able to tell if the sound is coming from there, or from somewhere else. Look for an echo from sounds coming out of a vent and don’t get frustrated if you can’t find them. Just call Mouse Control, we can find the mice and get rid of them with commercial grade poison that works. 

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