How to deal with mouse problems in the house?

How to deal with mouse problems in the house?

Mice can be a nightmare to deal with. While rats are much worse, mice do not vacate the house. They move in permanently and never leave. They live in the wall for generation after generation, never leaving the house. They leave their nest to look for food but they have little need for water and can go for years without it.

If you are dealing with rodents, it is best to call a professional mouse removal service in the Greater Toronto Area.

Mice in your home will generally be house mice. They can cause several illnesses with their urine and feces but not as severe as what is caused by a rat. However, the greatest danger is the hantavirus which is life-threatening and can be passed on by any type of mouse, house, or deer mouse. If you have deer mice in the house you must also worry about Lyme disease. The ticks on field mice can attach to a human in their second stage when they are nearly invisible and hard to find. If not removed in two to three days you will catch Lyme disease which is entirely untreatable. 

If there are mice in your home there are several things you can do to get rid of them. Some are human and some are not. However, as mice are a pest and not protected like wildlife, killing them in any way you please is entirely legal. You can use glue traps which will result in multiple mice trapped together. They will quickly start eating each other resulting in a biohazard mess that will be very dangerous to handle and may make you very sick if you do not wear the right equipment. This is the least human method and can lead to the accidental capture of other animals including your pets. If you want to use a glue trap make sure it has a lid and closes tightly and locks, otherwise it will fill up with mice and it will be a horrifying sight to be sure. 

You can also attempt to use mouse snap traps. Modern tooth traps are much more effective than old fashioned wire and wood traps. They are plastic clamshells with sharp teeth that will kill a mouse in a split second, much faster than wire and wood traps. The bait is very hard to apply and unlike an old mousetrap, the new one can easily take off a finger so be very, very careful when setting it up. 

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