How to deal with a mouse that has died in the wall

How to deal with a mouse that has died in the wall?

The age-old question of mice dying in the walls of a house. Is it safe? Is it going to ruin the insulation? Will it infect me and my family with diseases?

If you are dealing with rodents, it is best to call a professional mouse removal service in the Greater Toronto Area.

Well because you have already had mice, and those mice are now dead I can assure you that almost all of your insulation is already ruined with feces and urine from when the mice were alive. So their deaths will not change that. On top of that, mice have nearly no water in their bodies. They drink water rarely and can go without it for years. They desiccate immediately after death, slowly drying out and leaving no trace of hazardous bacteria or pathogens. They are inert after a couple of days and not a danger at all to you or your family. The danger only lies with living mice, which can be handled rather easily. 

Mice do not leave a house once they have moved in. Unlike rats who live outside and come into the house to look for food and water, of which they need a lot of both, mice live permanently inside the walls of the house. They only come out of the walls to find crumbs of food and to chew through packaging and cardboard and plastic to file down their teeth. Unlike rats their teeth don’t grow as fast, rat teeth grow constantly and quickly so rats must chew metal and concrete to prevent their teeth from growing through their lower jaw. Mice chew mostly to find food or to make a nest. They tend to love making nests in insulation and otherwise will use twigs, old clothes, and rags to make nests in basements or garages. The attic is their preferred domain but is very hard for them to get to and often takes years for them to work their way up through the house. 

If you want to kill mice it is very easy. Mice have no gag reflex so you can sprinkle human hair, which mice are terrified of and will refuse to walk on, all-around your house. This will choke any mouse that tries to walk through it and the mice will be trapped in their holes and will likely starve. And again, to be clear, mice are not a biohazard after death, and mice dying in your walls is completely safe, they won’t even attract the cat. 

If you need a professional exterminator call Mouse Control, we can have those mice out and packed in short order. 

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