dealing with a mouse infestation in a storage unit

dealing with a mouse infestation in a storage unit

Mice infestations are very frustrating. Unlike other animals who will eventually die or vacate the area, mice will reproduce continuously and will never leave your home or space. They will invade your basement and first floor and then breed and grow and travel up the walls of the house until they get to the attic. Then they will keep breading and filing your house indefinitely or until your house is condemned. If you want these mice out then you should consider calling a licensed professional who can provide you with commercial grade products that are guaranteed to work properly and to be effective in destroying the infestation and returning your home to a stable state. 

If you experience any rodent issues in and around your property make sure to call a Mouse Control Toronto

Mice will infest any kind of structure that will protect them from predators and the weather. They will live in this place for the rest of the time if they are not killed off. 

Trying to get rid of mice humanely is not something that can be done. While protected wildlife like squirrels and raccoons and birds cannot be killed and must be removed humanely the mouse is a serious and dangerous pest that should not be dealt with humanely. They must be killed off, they cannot be trapped because their anxious personas refuse to take chances with anything new. Even with poison, a mouse does not have a gag reflex so if they eat something bad they cannot throw it up, this of course means they have to test everything they eat. They eat a small amount and wait. If they feel sick they stop eating it and leave it alone. This is why you can have a house full of bait stations and yet see no reduction in the number of mice in your home. They must be pushed to eat the bait. You must make sure to clean up every inch of the house, no crumbs of food can be anywhere. 

If you still cannot get rid of the mice then you may have no choice but to call the professionals. At Mouse Control we have technicians who know how to deal with mice infestations. They have years of experience and can see a bad infestation almost immediately. 

So if you have a mouse infestation call Mouse Control now to book. We can come to your home, exclude entryways, track their movement and help you understand the purpose of the treatment and the final goal. We won’t lie to you, we will warn you that mice are tenacious and a difficult infestation to get rid of. 

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