Why house mice are worse than you think

Why house mice are worse than you think?

The world is full of terrifying things. Most of them are big. But this one is small. Mice. Regular house mice. They can ruin your life and your health in a matter of weeks. They will chew through whatever they can, or just wander through an open door or window and poop all over your food and house. This accumulation of feces from mice can spread dangerous bacteria and viruses. It can contaminate food and trigger allergic reactions. When it dries it becomes hazardous to anyone who breathes it and can cause all kinds of diseases, the bubonic plague for instance. 

Most of the diseases are transferred through their poop, which they leave everywhere and especially on your food. No one is safe with a mouse infestation in the house. 

Mice love to chew wires and our culture is crazy about wires. We light and heat our house with wires, cool our food, entertain ourselves, and pretty much everything else. I mean people are ordering groceries with their phones, imagine if a mouse chewed through your phone charging cable.

They also chew on wood and cloth, so nice furniture beware because you are likely to become a part of a mouse’s nest. 

If the number of mice in your home gets too large they can even start causing destabilizing damage to your home. A bad enough mouse infestation could get your house to literally collapse under its own weight. 

That is why you need mouse control. We can find how they got in, find where they are, and take them out with commercial rodenticide and high-quality tamper-proof bait traps. And when the mice are gone our technician can get rid of urine and poop and sterilize and deodorize the house so you can happily relax in a mouse-free home. 

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