how to deal with a mouse infestation in shed

how to deal with a mouse infestation in shed

Mice are not like other pests, they are not aggressive in the slightest, they run at any provocation and while they are animals their preference is not to live in the wild like rats and squirrels but to move into your home and live there permanently. The house mouse is the most famous for this and while the field mouse and the deer mouse also spend a great deal of time in human homes they are also just as comfortable outdoors. House mice are not. They evolved over thousands of years, like dogs, to depend entirely on humans for sustenance and safety from predators and the elements. While historical media lets us believe cats where used to kill mice that is not true as cats were actually well fed by their owners and would often toy with the mouse and then release it. Even a cat that hunts the mice all day and all night will kill so few that it won’t matter anyway. So do not expect your house cat to resolve a rodent infestation. They cannot help you, they just want their milk and nibbles.  if you are experiencing a rodent problem, call Mouse Control Toronto   

Mice are not only interested in infesting homes, they will infest any human structure from the subways of new york to the forbidden city in China. Every human structure older than fifty years is guaranteed to have mice, this includes Buckingham Palace so do not feel bad when you get an infestation, the British Queens palace has had mice for a few hundred years now. 

Mice will invade any structure they can enter. While entering your house could be as easy and getting in through an open window or backdoor left ajar they can also enter through holes in the foundation, weep vents in brickwork and even through the drip edge in the case of field mice and deer mice who can climb and leap great distances. The house mice are not especially good at either of those tasks so they tend to enter through the base of the house instead of through the roof. They generally start on the first floor and then move up floors as they grow in numbers. If you have mice in your attic but not on your first floor then you do not have house mice, you have field or deer mice. 

How can you get the mice out? You can’t. They will not leave, they can go for years without water and eat crumbs you can barely see. They will not leave willingly like squirrels and rats. They will stay forever. The only way to get them out is dead. You need to poison them, choke them with human hair or force them out with high-grade foam insulation. For a fast poison, the solution is called Mouse Control to book an appointment. 

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