How to deal with a mouse infestation in the attic

How to deal with a mouse infestation in the attic

While most people would assume the mice in their attic are house mice they would generally be wrong. While house mice can eventually reach the attic it takes many mouse generations for them to do it. House mice enter homes at the ground floor and enter the walls, over time they breed and grow in numbers, the space gets cramped and the mice start to move up the walls. Eventually, they will reach the attic and cause a lot of destruction including chewing on electric wires that could start a fire in the attic or inside one of your walls. They are a dangerous pest but they are unlikely to be the mice in your attic unless you have had mice for a decade.  if you are experiencing a rodent problem, call Mouse Control Toronto   

The more common mouse to be found in attics is the field mouse. The field mouse can climb and jump enormous distances. This allows them to climb trees and access the house from the roof instead of the ground. Most people do not have excluded roves so their roof is easily accessed by any small mouse-like creature that can get there. Often they don’t even need to make a hole and can simply enter through an already existing hole or crack. The soffits are especially easy to access for climbing rodents like mice and squirrels. 

Like all mice, they are rodents with teeth that continue to grow throughout their entire lives. They must constantly chew on things to grind their teeth down or else they may grow through their lower lip. This can cause a huge amount of damage if the mice population gets too large. And with all the urine and feces you may have to replace your attic insulation. 

Field mice are not like house mice in that they still leave the house to hunt for food outside. They do not need to rely on the humans in the home leaving them food to eat on the floor like crumbs of bread and pastry or a lost slice of carrot or celery. They will go outside and find naturally occurring foods like insects, nuts and seeds, and flowers which are a rodent favourite. 

If you have a mouse infestation in your attic its, not something you can deal with on your own. Call  Mouse Control and book an inspection. Our technicians can resolve the infestation and inform you of how the infestation started. With this knowledge and the help of our trained and experienced technicians, you will be mouse-free in no time. 

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