What should I do if mice enter my home

What should I do if mice enter my home?

Go to the courts for an eviction notice?

Just kidding.

Mice are frustrating little creatures, they eat your food, poop in your cutlery drawer and chew on everything! What is there to do when your home is overrun with mice?

Got a mouse in your house? Contact professional mice control Mississauga in the Greater Toronto Area as soon as possible!

I’ll tell you. You can set up traps and try spraying repellent on everything, which always smells terrible. You can try putting all your food in the fridge and sterilizing your entire house. I’m getting tired of just talking about this. And you can even set out poison if you want, though watch those little plastic cases, dogs can chew right through them. 

Instead, why don’t you try the professionals at mouse control? We have commercial-grade tools to get the mice out and sanitize the area with safe chemicals that won’t kill your dog. 

We can perform a full external inspection to find points of entry the mice may have used, though normally they just get in through the back door. We can seal any entry points we find as well. We can follow that up with an interior inspection of the property to find the point of highest activity. Now you remember that grocery store mice poison pack? Made of plastic your dog could swallow in one bite and your baby could stick his finger in? Our bait stations are solid, tamper-proof, and locked. They contain rodenticide which is a poison that works based on the mass of the animal it’s affecting. There won’t even be enough poison on the property to harm your pet and we guarantee they will not get into the bait station. 

When all is said and done we can take care of all the poop and urine, sterilize and deodorize your house and leave you feeling happy and very much alone, with no mice to bother you. 

With 3- or 6-month warranties on all our work, why wait, call us today!


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