Are Mice More Common In Winter?

Are Mice More Common In Winter?

Mice are no different in the summer than they are in the winter, both seasons are inhospitable for them and as global warming rages on the dramatic differences between hot and cold will only get more and more extreme. Mice cannot handle such dramatic temperatures and so they need to either make a burrow or find a place cool to live, and if you have air conditioning then they just hit the jackpot.

If you are dealing with rodents, it is best to call a professional mouse removal service in the Greater Toronto Area.

Mice love a temperature-controlled environment as much as a human does. They can function all year round and don’t have to hibernate during the winter which is not as enjoyable as it sounds. Because of this, mice tend to frequent commercial and residential buildings, having grown alongside humans, and having relied on us for food for thousands of years it is clear to see that mice and humans are fundamentally inseparable. But there are things you can do to keep them out of your home. 

The most important first step is to ensure that your home is sealed off from the outside. This is called, in the professional circles of extermination “exclusion”. Exclusion is the process of sealing every area of your home that an animal or insect could get into. For mice, the dangers are mostly at ground level. They can enter through weep vents and holes in the foundation. Even if you think the hole is far too small for a mouse they will still be able to enter because they can compact their bodies down to one-quarter of their original size. Even their bones bend to fit through tight spaces. So make sure to seal up all possible entry points to prevent mice from getting into your home. You will also want to ensure that your garage door meets the ground tightly. If not you will need to adjust it or get some extra weather stripping. You will also want to make sure to keep your back door closed as that is the way most mice enter a home. 

If you already have mice in your home you can do a few things to keep them at bay. They are very flawed creatures in many ways. They have no gag reflex, so if you get them to eat poison they will not be able to throw it up and will get the full effect directly. They also have small and delicate windpipes. Human hair can easily slip into their mouths or noses and choke them in just a few minutes. If you have a bad mice infestation using poison in combination with sprinkling human hair on the ground you will have a complete mouse strategy.

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