Why winters create more mouse problems

Why winters create more mouse problems

Winter is a very cold season in Canada and mice are very fond of warmth. They hate being cold and while they can make a den and sleep through most of the winter they would rather be active. As temperatures drop most rodents are drawn to a source of warmth and food, and most people’s homes offer both. I mean, honestly. Who can say they have a home so clean mice would not want to live there. Crumbs can fall in places you may not realize and can’t reach, but a mouse can reach it, and it’s exactly where a mouse would look for food. If you have a winter mouse infestation then you will have to deal with it, on your own or with the help of professionals. 

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A major problem with many people’s homes is that most people have their gardens right up against their house, with no space between the home and the plants. Or worse, some people don’t care for their lawn and let it fill with tall grass. This tall grass is the perfect hiding place for mice waiting to get into your home. They can hide for as long as they want while they search for an entrance into your home, that is if they don’t just get in through an open back door or a garage door that doesn’t meet the ground. You need to inspect your home for every winter, check the weather stripping and look for cracks in walls and the foundation, anything as big as a quarter is enough for a mouse to enter. 

You also should take precautionary measures. No reason to wait for a mouse infestation, take initiative and start the process yourself. You can clean your home regularly and that really helps prevent rodents, if your house is sparkling and free of food particles then mice will have nothing to eat and will likely leave or die of starvation. Make sure you don’t store anything in boxes, especially food, if you have to store food items store them in tightly sealed sturdy plastic containers that won’t budge when you shake them. The mice will not be able to penetrate that container. 

If you have done all of this and you still find mice in your snap traps it’s time to call a professional. We can inspect your property for opening and seal them, we can check for rodent activity and deal with them methodically and safely. We can rid you of your infestation, fast, within one week you will notice a massive drop in population and by the end of the month, your house will be yours again.

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