How to deal with a mouse that has died in the wall

How to deal with a mouse that has died in the wall?

A dry mouse, unlike a rat, is not dangerous. Mice have an extremely low water content in their bodies and dry out quickly. Parasites can not survive long on a dead mouse like they can a dead rat and disease last for even less time in their desiccating vascular system.  But the feces and urine that is left behind is.

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Mice urine and feces can get into your food and make you very sick. Inhalation and consumption can cause all sorts of illnesses and it’s not exactly fun opening your drawers to find tiny droppings absolutely everywhere that you look. 

If a mouse has died its likely somewhere hard to access. If you do manage to find it the result is a very large job. Pulling down drywall, ripping out insulation, tearing apart your attic. It can be costly when you don’t know what you’re doing. So call Mouse Control for all your cleaning and sterilization needs. We can replace attic insulation, deodorize just about anything and clean that smell right out of your home. 

The real danger though isn’t the dead mouse, but the mice that are still alive. For that, you can try laying traps yourself or maybe spraying your house with wolf urine, which would definitely not help the smell, but in the end you will find yourself overwhelmed. The best decision you can make in a mouse emergency is to call the professionals. We have the commercial-grade tech to handle a mouse invasion. We can inspect your home for external access points the mouse could have used to gain entry, the internal activity will be assessed to find the point of highest activity where tamper-proof bait stations will be set with commercial-grade rodenticide to destroy the mouse infestation. 

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