How can you get rid of mice from your house

How can you get rid of mice from your house?

People have been asking this question for thousands of years. Why are mice in my house? The honest reason? Because you probably left the back door open. They just walk in, there’s no special method they use. Getting rid of them is harder.

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If you want to do it yourself you’re going to have to start by sanitizing the area. Take away their food. Seal your garbage container and wash your dishes right away, making sure to clean the sink after. Remove clutter from your home, especially boxes that mice can use to make nests. Clutter helps mice hide and spread. Rodent poison is useful but the stuff in the stores is nothing compared to the commercial grade. If you want to use poison it’s best to go with a professional.

How are animals getting in? Walk around your house and see if there are any holes or ways a mouse could get into the house and then seal it tight. If you can stop the mice from getting in then it will be easier to quell the population inside. But if you really want to get rid of your rats you need to hire a professional. 

We can do the inspection for you, find where they are getting in and where they are inside your house. We can set up tamper-proof mice bait stations that are stocked with rodenticide that will slowly kill the mice over days through dehydration. We can quote for the exclusion and seal the holes on your property the mice are getting in from and we can even do the clean-up after the mice are gone. 

Trust the professionals to deal with your rodent problems, trying to handle it yourself is always a bad decision. 

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