Getting rid of mice in your garage?

Getting rid of mice in your garage?

So mice have infested your garage. They are pooping everywhere and stinking up the place. If you want to deal with it yourself you’re going to have to start by sanitizing the area. Take away their food. Seal your garbage container, remove all clutter especially boxes that mice can use to make nests. Clutter helps mice hide and spread. How are animals getting in? Walk around your house and see if there are any holes or ways a mouse could get into the house and then seal it tight. If you can stop the mice from getting in then it will be easier to quell the population inside. 

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A big danger is a mouse building a nest in your engine. They can damage your car by chewing wires that allow the computer to operate your vehicle. Imagine being locked out of your car by a mouse. They can and will go everywhere, looking for food and shelter, and they will destroy most of what they find. Family photos? Torn up for the nest. Child’s first macaroni art? Eaten, by mice. 

Rodent poison is useful but the stuff in the stores is nothing compared to the commercial grade. If you want to use poison it’s best to go with a professional. And not just that, it’s dangerous. Grocery store poison packages are thin plastic that a dog or child could easily chew through and contain dangerous poisons that are not properly controlled, like cyanide. 

Trust a professional to get rid of your mice. We can find how they got in, like through the garage door you left open all night, and then set tamper-proof, hard as a rock, bait stations filled with commercial rodenticide that doesn’t have cyanide in it. The mice will eat it and slowly dehydrate until death.

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