Can I get rid of mice by turning off the heat

Can I get rid of mice by turning off the heat?

The simple answer to this question is no. Mice are after two things: Food and shelter. If they can find those things in your house it does not matter how cold you make it. They have fur which warms them and they will tear apart whatever they can find to make a warm nest. Sadly turning down the heat is no way to get rid of mice.

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In fact, turning off the heat could make things worse as the mice will travel further into the house to get warm. They will show up more often and may even get gutsier by stealing more food and pooping in places they never pooped before. Help me Obiwan, you’re my only hope. They will chew through drywall and make holes for easy travel and will really wreak havoc on your electrical system. It may be better to leave the heat on. 

If you have a rat infestation you need professionals. We at Mouse Control can help you get rid of your mouse problem. We can send a technician who will do an external inspection to see how they got in, then an internal inspection for points of high activity. He will lay down tamperproof bait stations stocked with commercial-grade rodenticide and when the mice are gone we can even clean the mess. 

You will notice a dramatic drop-in mouse activity after only one week and by the third or fourth week, the mice should be gone completely. Unlike rats, mice have a very low water content so it’s okay for them to die in hard-to-reach places because their bodies will dry up and not be a health hazard. The likelihood is you already have a lot of them already and haven’t noticed. 

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