Can Mice Come Through Pipes?

Yes, it is true that mice can come through pipes. They might have already exploited a gap or a fissure in the pipes that lead to your house. It is a nightmare situation, but this includes drainage pipes as well, especially those pipes leading up to your toilet bowl or even your shower drain. Mice will do anything to get food, water, and shelter. Not much can be done against this phenomenon other than hiring professional mouse control specialists that have the experience and the tools to deal with mouse infestations.

If you have mice that you want to get rid of on your property, do not look any further than the mouse control specialists from Mouse Control.

Mice will inevitably go to a source of food and water and for this reason they will end up in the kitchen, basement, and attic. It is because these spaces provide the mouse with much-needed shelter. These are also spaces that happen to be either abundant in food, warmth, and shelter. Mice, in particular, will find a liking to the kitchen, especially places like under the sink. All kind of small crumbs that fall to the ground is a full meal for the mouse.

They will eat about 15-20 times a day and will keep returning for more if the issue is not taken under control. Mice also give birth to about 4 to 11 pups in a single litter and considering that they have the ability to have 7 to 8 litters the number of mice can go up to about 90-100 mice per mouse giving birth. Most mouse cases are not discovered until the infestation has become so severe that homeowners will see live mice running about.

Mice can incur damages of different types that homeowners can expect a hefty price for. Mouse damage can include electrical damage where mice will chew cables and wiring, contamination where mice will poop and urinate everywhere they please, and property damage because of the mouse’s habit of chewing on everything wherever it pleases.

Generations of mice might be living behind your walls or might be hiding in between the debris and personal property in your attic, garage, or basement without you knowing it. The professional mouse control experts from Mouse Control can help get rid of mice throughout your property with robust mouse removal solutions with the help of commercial-grade formulations that are only accessible to licensed exterminators like us. We conduct detailed and thorough exterior and interior inspections where they will determine entry points to understand mouse movement. After, removal, we will proof and seal the property completely. To hire us contact our customer representatives for more information on our mouse removal process. Call us at 647-496-0492.

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