What do Mice Sound Like at Night?

Mice can send up shivers on someone’s back when someone hears mice chewing and gnawing and this is not surprising at all because there happens to be a critter a night doing something you cannot see at all. Hearing mice might induce feelings of anxiety, panic and fear, and at that moment, you might feel completely powerless, and this is very understandable seeing that there isn’t a straightforward solution available when you hear a mouse chewing away in the dead middle of the night so what can you do against it?

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The best way to go about these sounds might be a frightening one, but try turning on the light because mice do not like company at all so this is, for now, the best thing that you can do in this situation and hoping that the mouse is startled enough that it will be fleeing away and will retreat into its nest for the time being so that you can peacefully sleep. You are probably asking yourself what mice do sound like and what they might sound like in different locations and in this article, we will try to answer all these questions for you so keep reading!


The most well-known sound that mice make is the sound of them gnawing and this is actually a necessity. You see mice, they need to gnaw on things to keep their incisors functional and this is why they have the habit of chewing things like soft metals and wood. They cannot stop this habit because it would mean they couldn’t function anymore. Mice can be even heard gnawing behind the wall!


Do you hear rapid movements from behind the wall or from any other room, what you might be hearing are the footsteps of mice? These sounds are also heard from above the ceiling so don’t be too scared when you heart something coming from upstairs. The reason is that mice use the ceiling as a quick network to go and come from their nests. Once all the mice are gone, pitter-patter will stop!


Is the mouse’s way of speaking and communicating. Especially the house mouse communicates this way, but this does not mean that you will hear them chirping away constantly as birds do, but when you hear a mouse squeaking, that is usually an indication that there is more than one mouse present. They can even chirp!

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