Do Mice Enter Homes in Winter

Do Mice Enter Homes in Winter?

Mice are pesky rodents that risk making you sick. They leave feces everywhere behind them and get into your food, spreading salmonella and other dangerous bacteria. Deer mice may also spread the hantavirus, a terrible virus that causes serious lung disease with symptoms including shortness of breath, nausea, head aches, and abdominal pain. Mice may also cause structural damage to the home, risking fire and power outages. It is best that you avoid them if you can. Call us for an inspection today. We offer mouse removal and pest-proofing services you can count on.

Mouse problems peak in the fall, as temperatures drop. The critters come crawling in through little holes in the side of the house to escape the cold. If you’re finding mice in the house during the winter, the pests may have moved in weeks prior, and you didn’t notice. Mice are very quiet. Mice can move in during any season, however. They are attracted to the foods we keep inside the house and the potential to find suitable shelter indoors. Like us, they prefer to live somewhere that has heating and air conditioning. So, it is common for mice to appear during winter, spring, summer, and fall.

How to Prevent a Mouse Problem This Winter

If you want to avoid a mouse problem, start by keeping the house clean. This will help reduce the smell of food that attracts rodents into the house. Deep clean the kitchen and anywhere else you store food. Clean your large appliances on a regular basis and store food in sealed jars and containers. Stay on top of the dishes and don’t leave anything out overnight, even garbage or pet food. In addition to restricting food, do your best to keep the house tidy. Get rid of the things you don’t need and get organized. Move things off the floor and fix holes in the wall so that pests have nowhere to hide.

Next comes exclusion. This is the process of sealing and blocking off every possible entry point so that mice can’t crawl inside. Check the exterior of your home for gaps a mouse could fit through. Anything that can fit the tip of a pen will fit a mouse. Look for gaps in the edges of the soffits, holes in the wall, and gaps surrounding cable lines. You can stuff holes with steel wool or silicone caulking. Keep in mind that rodents can chew through expanding foam. Cover weep holes and wall vents with galvanized steel mesh and fix cracks in the foundation with epoxy.

Call Mouse Control for Effective Removal

Call us if there are mice in your home, or if you are hoping to avoid an infestation. We provide effective mouse removal and exclusion services across the Greater Toronto Area. Our technicians know the signs of an infestation and how mice get inside. They can get rid of mice quickly and fix every possible entry point. We use a variety of pest-proof materials that have been proven to work for years. We are so sure of our pest-proofing services that they come with a 2-year warranty. Call us for guaranteed mouse removal and pest-proofing services today.

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