What Steps Exterminators Take to Eradicate the Presence of Mice

What Steps do Exterminators Take to Eradicate the Presence of Mice?

Mice are terrible pests. They’re difficult to get rid of, they’re hard to find, and they put you at risk of getting very sick. They may even cost you lots of money in traps, baits, and repairs. So, what do exterminators do, anyway? Are they worth the extra cost? The true benefit of hiring an exterminator is that you can count on them. Exterminators are trained in mouse removal and it is their job to get rid of them for you. For high quality pest control, call Mouse Control: 647-496-0492.

The first step of the extermination process is inspection. Exterminators must inspect an infested property so they can devise a plan that is most appropriate and most effective for the given situation. If you were to hire an exterminator, he or she would check the exterior structure of your home for points of entry and examine infested areas closely to assess the severity of the problem. Things like gnaw marks, holes in the wall, and droppings on the floor all point to an infestation of mice. This step in the process is invaluable because it will identify the roots of the issue and enable a smoother extermination.

The next step involves the placement of baits throughout infested areas. Professional pest removers use tamper-proof bait stations that contain a potent rodenticide designed to eliminate mice quickly and efficiently. These stations are little plastic boxes with small openings on the sides so mice can crawl in and consume the bait. The baits are specifically designed to target mice and they work better than the baits you can buy yourself. Exterminators place these boxes in strategic locations for maximum safety and effectiveness. Most infestations that are treated with this method subside within a few weeks.

The final step that exterminators take to eradicate mice is to exclude any more animals from the home. This is usually an additional service, but it is incredibly valuable because it will help prevent any more infestations from happening. Once the baiting treatment is complete, professionals can seal or block the potential entry point they found during the inspection. They use things like caulking and steel mesh to block wall vents, weep vents, the gaps surrounding utility lines, cracks in the foundation, and gaps around decks. Professional exterminators use materials that are known to resist animal entry and changes in weather.

The training, experience, and tools that professionals use to eradicate mice produce a higher quality extermination. If you’re currently struggling with an infestation of mice, reach out to Mouse Control. Our technicians have lots of experience in dealing with mice and perform thorough inspections to provide you with the best service. All of our services come with a warranty. Call Mouse Control today for quick, safe, and effective mouse control: 647-496-0492.

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