What Household Items Can I Use to Catch a Mouse

Which Household Items Can I Use to Catch a Mouse?

Mice are troublesome pests that damage homes and risk spreading disease to humans. It’s important that you get rid of them fast. While traps are available in stores, you can catch them with some things you may have lying around the house. All it takes to catch a mouse is a roll of toilet paper, some food, and a garbage can. The problem with homemade traps, however, is that they do not fix what is causing your mouse problem in the first place. For quick removal and mouse-proofing services, call Mouse Control: 647-496-0492.

The following homemade traps will keep mice alive, so remember that you will need to check them every day and relocate any mice you catch. The first trap you can make is by half-flattening a toilet paper roll or paper towel roll so that it has a half-moon shape. Bait one end of the roll with peanut butter and place it on the edge of a countertop so the baited end sticks out from the counter. Then, place a wide garbage can or bucket where the mouse will fall when going to consume the bait. Next is the spinner trap, which consists of baiting the exterior of a can or other cylindrical object and making it hover over a garbage can by threading it with a stick. Mice will crawl over to the can and slide off into the bin below. Finally, you can make a bottle trap. This involves cutting a 2L plastic bottle in half, cutting the very top of the bottle off, then inverting the spout into the bottle so that mice will fall right into the bottom of the bottle.

While the traps listed above may be effective at catching mice, they do not address the reasons why you are getting mice in the first place. It is likely that there is a hole somewhere in the structure of your property and mice are using it to get inside. There must also be a food source that they are relying on and it should be removed. Hire a professional pest remover to inspect your home for points of entry and treat the problem effectively. Pest removers have access to baits and traps that work better than those you can make yourself or buy in stores. They also have the training and experience to get to the bottom of any problem. Professionals can even block off any entry points they find to prevent any more infestations from happening.

Removing mice from the home by yourself takes a lot of patience and hard work. Getting professional help will speed up the removal process and help prevent any further infestations because it is more effective. The technicians at Mouse Control are highly experienced in mouse removal and would be happy to help. We’ll check every nook and cranny of your property to find where the animals are coming from and block every point of entry, so they don’t come back. Our mouse removal services come with a 6-month warranty and pest-proofing is guaranteed for 2 years. Call Mouse Removal Toronto today: 647-496-0492.

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