What Exactly Do Exterminators Do About Mice

What Exactly Do Exterminators Do About Mice?

With so many baits and traps available in stores, you may be wondering if hiring an exterminator is really worth the price. Exterminators however have the tools and experience to set them apart. They deal with mice every day and use products that are far superior to those available in stores. Your mouse problem will be solved much faster if you call for professional help. Contact Mouse Control for safest and most efficient mouse control: 647-496-0492.

The first thing an exterminator will do is inspect your property for signs of mouse activity and points of entry. He or she will look for things like holes, droppings, and gnaw marks to see where the mice are coming from and determine how severe the infestation is. This thorough examination is an invaluable service because professionals know mouse control in and out. Their training and experience allow for the most effective placement of baits and traps. Performing an inspection will get to the bottom of your mouse issue so you can stop what is causing it in the first place.

After the inspection, the exterminator will place tamper-proof bait stations in areas of high mouse activity. These stations require a key to open and can only be accessed by very small rodents. The rodenticides inside are also specifically formulated to target mice; they only taste good to mice and they work better than the products you can buy in stores. Technicians only place these in strategic locations for maximum safety and effectiveness. This combination of commercial-grade products and professional experience results in the most effective treatment. Depending on the severity of the infestation, the problem should subside within a few weeks.

Finally, exterminators offer exclusion services to permanently keep mice out of the home. Once the treatment has taken place, the technician you hire can seal or block off any potential entry points that were identified during the inspection. He or she will use things like caulking and mesh to stop mice from entering wall vents, weep vents, cracks in the foundation, or gaps surrounding the utility lines of your home. Professionals use materials that are known to work against mice and other rodents. Pest-proofing the home during treatment for mice is a worthy investment that will save you the trouble of any future infestations.

The services that exterminators provide are incredibly valuable. They can take care of your mouse problem for you and help prevent any more from happening. Most pest removal companies also guarantee to get the job done. If you continue to see mice after the initial treatment, the technician will come back. If you’re interested in hiring an exterminator, call Mouse Control. Our technicians are highly experienced in mouse removal and our pest-proofing services come with a 2-year warranty. Reach out to Mouse Removal Toronto now and we’ll get started: 647-496-0492.

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