Food Contamination and Other Damages Caused by Mouse Infestation

Food Contamination and Other Damages Caused by Mouse Infestation

Mice are not just a frustrating infestation. They chew on things and they make holes in the walls and ruin the insulation. But that is not the limit of the damage they can cause. Mice are filled with dangerous diseases and their saliva, urine and feces can cause diseases like the Hantavirus which is a virus that can affect the respiratory system as well as the brain. It is not something to ignore, it is a serious situation and mice are capable of getting into food, coating it in saliva and urine and feces, and leaving without a truly visible trace. You could leave a plate of food out to cool for five minutes and return to eat it not realizing a mouse just crawled all over it, eating the food and infecting it with its diseased saliva.

If you are dealing with rodents, it is best to call a professional mouse removal service in the Greater Toronto Area.

If you eat that food, you could get very sick. They are also fond of pantries and food storage. Most people store food in their original, flimsy packages made of soft plastics and cardboard. Many people will store this extra food in the garage or the basement which are places that mice frequent. They can easily chew through cardboard and plastic and infest your stored food so it is important to only buy food as you need it, store the food in the fridge, as much of it as you can, and anything you put in a cupboard needs to be removed from its packaging and stored in a sealed hard plastic container that will be strong enough to fend off a mouses teeth. 

If you have a serious mice infestation then there are things you can do on your own to prevent them from gaining access to your house and even trapping them in the walls where they have the choice of moving out or starving to death. Now, remember, sealing their holes will do nothing, they will just make another hole. You have to take discreet action, not direct. Mice have a very special flaw, they have no gag reflex, so if something gets into their stomach or their windpipe they will not be able to eject it. The key here is what can choke a mouse to death? The answer is as strange as the question. Human hair is a very unusual thing that is not shared by very many mammals, almost none. Our hair is smooth and slick, it floats in the air but is heavy enough to hit the ground and stay there, unlike pet dander. If you sprinkle cut hair over the floor in the house the mice will refuse to leave their nest because the human hair can easily slip into their throat and choke them to death in minutes. They avoid human hair like the plague so if you have an infestation, that is a good place to start. 

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