How to block mice from coming under an exterior door

How to block mice from coming under an exterior door?

Mice can find all kinds of ways to get into your home, and once they are in there, they will never leave. Unlike rats who live on the lawn and only enter the house to hunt, mice live in the house permanently and for generations, they will never go so you will have to kill them to get them out. There are many ways to do this but the best offense is a good defense so take precautions before you have an infestation. 

If you are dealing with rodents, it is best to call a professional mouse removal service in the Greater Toronto Area.

Mice often enter a house through unsealed entryways. Weep vents, under the garage door, or through an open back door. They can also enter under doors that have not to be built properly to meet the ground. To resolve this frustrating and dangerous issue you can attach firm and non-bending weather stripping around the door and the frame creating a tight seal even mice can’t squeeze through. If the situation has already begun, however, you will have to take more severe action. 

There are many ways to kill mice. From glue traps to snap traps and beyond. They react very strongly to human hair due to their inability to regurgitate. With no gag reflex, the hair can slip into their nose or mouth and choke them. For this reason, the mice will avoid human hair at all costs and that means if you scatter hair across all the floors you will stop the mice from being able to hunt for food, this will only go so far as they will just make holes nearer to the kitchen to access food stores so make sure to store all your food in tight-fitting hard plastic containers or in the fridge. An open box of cereal is an invitation to the mice of the world. 

Glue traps work very well but are also very inhumane, they will catch multiple mice who will then cannibalize each other in an attempt to not starve. Other animals and insects can get caught in their too creating a situation that could be very dangerous if you tried to open it to scrape the glue sheet out. The biohazards and dangers are great and the chance of harming an innocent living thing is too likely. Avoid glue traps at all costs.

Snap traps work very well, they can be baited with shellfish shells or peanut butter, either way, you will catch mice. The issue is it is very slow and will not manage to get rid of all the mice

The only effective way to exterminate them is to use a potent poison that they will eat and take back to the nest for their family. This is the solution that you are looking for and don’t worry about them dying in the walls, rodenticide dehydrates them and causes them to desiccate when they die.

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