How Long Does it Take to Exterminate Mice

How Long Does It Take to Exterminate Mice?

The amount of time it takes to exterminate mice largely depends on the severity of the infestation. The more mice, the longer it will take. The key to any extermination, however, is persistence. Trapping the mice continuously is the only way to break the pests’ reproductive cycle and lower their numbers. If you need help handling a rodent infestation, call Mouse Removal Toronto for help.

Mice are nocturnal rodents that live on a diet of seeds, grains, fruits, and vegetables. As omnivores, they can also eat meat, dairy, and man-made foods. Mice measure somewhere between 10 and 20cm in length and weigh only about 20 grams. Mice have poor eyesight, but great hearing. They have beady little black eyes and big, round ears. Mice usually follow the same paths every night and mark them with their scent for other mice to follow. Mice are prey to many animals like cats, snakes, and owls, so they are very good at hiding. In the wild, mice usually nest in piles of leaves or thick underbrush.

Mice are attracted to the warmth of human homes and their proximity to food and water. These animals can feel the warm air that emanates from the walls of the home and try to get inside especially before winter begins. Spaces under doors, cracks in the foundation, wall vents, and gaps in the vinyl sliding are common entry-points. Mice also commonly get inside when garage doors have been left open. Once inside, mice like to nest in wall voids, floor voids, and false ceilings. The insulation within a kitchen wall, for example, is the perfect place for a mouse.

The extermination process involves mouse-proofing the home and trapping the mice persistently. To mouse-proof, first clean the mouse from top to bottom. Remove clutter, vacuum thoroughly, and wipe surfaces clean. Store food in tightly sealed containers. Then, check the interior and exterior of the home for potential entry-points and seal them accordingly. Baited snap traps should then be placed around the infested area, along the walls. Small bait stations containing rodenticide may also be placed in these areas. Check the traps every day and reset them immediately to effectively break the reproductive cycle. Most infestations take a few weeks to be eliminated.

A mouse extermination, if done right, will only take a few weeks. If you’re having trouble with an infestation right now, remember that there is always professional help around the corner. Professionals have access to the most effective baits and traps out there, and they have the experience to devise a plan that works best for your situation. Call Mouse Control (647-496-0492) today for the best mouse removal and pest-proofing services.

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