how to deal with a mouse infestation in garage

how to deal with a mouse infestation in garage

Like a shed, a garage is a relatively large and enclosed space. If the garage is connected to the house the mice could make their way into the interior of the house but if the garage is disconnected from the garage then they would have to find a way into your home, and being that they are living in your garage they likely failed to find a way into your home, so pat yourself on the back for that success. The mice would have loved to live in your home but it was sealed off enough to prevent it. Now if this is not the case and the mice are in the detached garage they are also likely in your home, running between to hunt for food and bring it back to the nest in the garage. 

If you are dealing with rodents, it is best to call a professional mouse removal service in the Greater Toronto Area.

If your garage is full of stuff, especially food stored in its original packaging and not in a sturdy sealed plastic container. Mice will find food anywhere and everywhere. They will smell the food through the packaging even if it is sealed. They can easily chew through cardboard of any thickness and even tough plastic but they cannot chew through metal or hard, treated plastic like what long-lasting food storage containers are made of. Disposable food storage can be easily chewed through. 

The real danger and reason for mice infestations not going away are generally on the side of the customer. Hoarding of food is the most dangerous thing a person can do and sends out an all-call to every pest and wildlife in the neighborhood. Rats will leave one person’s property to go to one that now has more food to provide. So seal up your garbage in a locket container and don’t leave food around the house, dirty plates, boxes of cereal, anything a mouse could chew through, which is almost anything. 

If you have a mouse infestation you can do all of these things and they will not leave, you will have to hire professionals who can use commercial grade bait to kill the mice. But if the mice have an alternate food source they will actively avoid the poison. So you must keep the house clean and store all food in safe heavy-duty containers. Your family’s safety depends on it. Especially if anyone in your home has a low white blood cell count, asthma, or a respiratory or heart problem. They will be most harmed by the Hantavirus which is present in all mouse fluids and excrements and is a dangerous and fatal respiratory disease. 

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