rat infestation through foundational gaps in Markham

Rat Infestation in Through Foundational Gaps in Markham

Exterior Inspection

A customer complained about a mouse infestation in the interior of the residential property. Afterwards, a technician was sent out to conduct an interior inspection in a residential property in Markham. The exterior inspection is one of the most important inspections besides the interior inspection that a technician can conduct. During this inspection, the technician carefully goes around the perimeter of the property and looks for weak points, entry points, and points that can be easily exploited.

rat entry point
Rats and mice can squeeze through small spaces such like these

This is important to find because the technician gets a closer understanding of the situation and then understands where the infestation spread from. Of course, this will avert any future infestations as well. The inspection was fruitful. The technician discovered feces in the garage, in the bbq area, and even in the attic.

Apart from that the technician observed live mice moving outside. This is an indication of a very advanced infestation that has been going on for a long while. Furthermore, the technician found 3 foundational gaps. The first one was found around the attic door, the next was around the dryer, and the third and last was found around AC pipes.

Mice infestations usually start from the ground floor, and over time, mice work their way up literally as observed during the inspection.

Initial Measures Taken

To tackle the mouse infestation, the technician initiated counter-measures against the mice to bring their population down to 0. To do this, the technician installed 10 interior bait stations loaded with rodenticide. This rodenticide is irresistible to any mouse passing by. They will perish minutes after consummation.

exterior rat bait
Exterior bait stations are used to take care of rats outside.

For any rodents outside, the technician installed and strategically placed one exterior bait station. The exterior bait station is a tamper-proof device that needs to be opened with a special key that only the technician has access to. Once the mice enter the exterior bait station they will either perish inside immediately or will go back to their nest and die there. This makes the exterior-bait station extremely useful to the technician. The placement of the exterior bai-station is imperative and will need expert knowledge to be effective. Exterior-bait stations are often placed along walls.


Once the technician checked up on the bait stations that were on the inside and the outside of the property, the technician went on to the sealing stage. For this, the technician chose steel wool to seal off all the foundational gaps mentioned in the initial inspection.


Mice infestations like these have a likelihood of evolving and advancing like this if nothing is done against mice in a timely manner. Recognizing the signs and warnings is important. When spotting a live mouse on your property it is recommended to hire professional mouse control experts from Mouse Control. We have been in the industry for more than a decade and have been resolving mouse infestations for commercial establishments and homeowners for years. Mouse Control’s technicians are properly licensed and certified to take on the most demanding mouse infestation from all over!

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