what do mice eat in winter

What Do Mice Eat in Winter?

As it turns out, mice are very well-prepared for the winter. They will go around and build up enough fat reserves for the winter. They do this by eating a variety of seeds found in nature. They will then store these seeds to brace themselves for the cold in whatever nest they can construct or find. Mice can definitely survive the winter but prefer to overwinter in a warm place. Most of these nests are either constructed from grass or go inside already constructed structures. Once inside their nest, they will use as little energy as possible to overwinter.

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In the winter, mice infestations actually increase, and this should come as no surprise seeing that our homes are warm and full of food. Besides, our homes are also safe from possible predators.

Mice can cause extensive damage no matter where and how they enter. Mouse infestations are an incredible financial loss to anyone who is dealing with them. The mouse issue is further worsened by the fact that mice are sexually active at just 6-7 weeks old. They can multiply at an alarmingly fast rate and throw a peaceful house into total chaos. Apart from that, mice can also be a liability to the well-being of all the occupants inside the residential property since they leave their droppings all over and have the unfortunate habit of chewing and biting on everything that comes in their path.

Mouse eating cheese
Mice survive on a varied diet in the fall to store fat for the winter

Mice are extensively active in areas where food is in abundance so logically the kitchen would fall victim to the mice. Mice are opportunistic eaters and will take any chance to eat whatever they can find. In nature, this is usually limited to cereals, grain, fruits, and vegetables.

Mice activity is usually easy to spot once you know what to look for. Feces are the number one indicator that mice activity is present. Areas, where mice feces are usually found, are underneath kitchen appliances such as the fridge, the dishwasher, and inside the skink cabinet. This is because small crumbs of food can be found there. Water can also be found in the kitchen and mice will therefore take full advantage of any leaking pipes or still water on the floor or in the sink as well!

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