How Do I Stop Mice From Coming in My House

That is a question on everybody’s mind. How do you stop mice from coming into your house and what can you do to prevent it? In this article, we will discuss the several ways things you can do to stop mice from coming into your house. Mice happen to been invasive animals since the dawn of time since humanity figured out a way to store food and goods.

Mice can reproduce at a very fast rate. If you would like to get rid of mice as soon as possible, hire the licensed and insured professionals. Contact Mouse Control right away!

Mice were always on our tails wherever we went and with time, mice as always stayed vermin. Now that we have modern amenities such as central heating, storage, and insulation, the home has become even more attractive for mice to stay in. The House Mouse is a common sighting all across Canada and can be recognized by its beady eyes, short snout, and grey fur. This mouse would be the mouse if you would ask a child to draw a mouse that is how prevalent they are in society.

The question still lingers. How do you stop mice from coming into the house? For that, you will need to know where they are coming from. Mice are flexible and nimble rodents. They can climb multiple surfaces, jump, and crawl. Other than that, they can fit through any hole the size of a quarter. So mice are very well-equipped with the skill and the determination to get to their end goal.

Mice come in your house through what we call entry points. Entry points as the name already suggest are points of entry that lead to the inside of the house and these entry points can manifest themselves in different ways from weep holes, pipes, exterior vents, foundation gaps, and even open garage doors. Mice can make sure they can get in a house, acquire shelter, and have a long-term food supply to stay long term.

So how do you stop mice and what are the ways you can make the house unattractive?

The biggest contributor to mouse activity are crumbs on the food and accessibility to food sources. The easiest task you can do is to clean up any spills in the kitchen from the floor and the countertop as soon as possible. It is estimated that mice will make the run for food about 20 times a day. They are very hungry creatures that seek out every opportunity to get food.

Make sure to store food away and make sure to do the dishes. Mice have very sensitive smells and any reminder that there is food around will real these mice right in the kitchen. Mice nest in the basement, crawl space, and garage. In most homes that is easy access for the mouse. Keep in mind that it is rarely about a single mouse, but multiple mice.

If you would like to resolve this issue for good, then t is highly recommended that you get professional intervention done by insured and licensed professionals that have access to commercial-grade rodenticides and equipment. Call 647-496-0492 for Mouse Control.

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