How To Eliminate Mice From Your Home

How To Eliminate Mice From Your Home

Mice are usually attracted to homesteads since they do provide shelter, warmth, food as well as a safe breeding place for them. After they invade the homesteads, the destruction of paper products, food, furniture, and clothing is expected. They are also a threat to health if anyone feeds on food that has been eaten by a mouse.

Furthermore, they may also spread salmonella when the food they consume is consumed by a human being. Taking early measures immediately after they invade the homestead is very vital in preventing the long term impacts of mice.

1. Use peppermint oil: This is a natural deterrent and its smell proves too strong for mice to even go nearby. It is easily available from health food stores as well as grocery food stores. By placing some drops of peppermint on a cotton ball and placing it on the entrance points of the mice, the mice won’t be able to enter your home. As long-term measures, you can plant a peppermint plant at the entryways and this will provide a hindrance to the mice for a longer period.

2. Keep your home clean: If you maintain high sanitary levels such that no food is left behind, the mice will have a rough time staying in your home Keep food in airtight containers which is unreachable by the mice.

3. A house cat: A cat will actually chase all the mice away within a very short period of time.

4. Put trash cans and dustbins far away from your home: This is just to ensure that they do not act as a link for the mice to come to your house. When they are far away, the mice will have no access to your home with ease compared to when they are placed at the doorstep.

5. Position strategically the bait boxes full of rodenticide: They are placed at the mice pathways such that when they feed on them, that will be their end of the road.

6. Onions: The smells of onions act as a repellent to mice when sliced and placed at their pathways.

7. Trim the entire garden to a level such that they cannot act as hideouts or breeding grounds for mice.

8. Plug all the holes with steel wool: steel wool cannot be broken into pieces by the mice in order to force their way into your home.

9. Zap with beeps: This is an electronic device that provides scary sounds to rodents and can easily be bought in stores.

10. Ammonia: can be placed strategically on mice pathways it emits a very choking smell to rodents.

The above ways are already proven to eliminate mice from homes and everyone must give them a try in order to end the mice problems in homes.

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