How mice keep from getting in weep holes

Keeping Mice Out Mouse Proofing Tips

When cooler weather hits, mice are looking for a warm place to stay. Because of this homeowners need to take the necessary steps to prevent mice from getting into the house. Mice can cause damage to your house and can be a health risk to all the members of the household.


But how do you prevent mice from entering your home? There are many different strategies you can use to keep the mice out of your home, but as long as you do the following three you should be ok.


Look For Any Holes Or Openings

Many people don’t know this, but mice only need a 1/4 inch hole or gap to squeeze through, because of this you need to take some time to go throughout your house and look for any holes, gaps, or openings that need to be sealed, this includes any space between the doors. If you have any openings that are bigger than 1/4 of an inch, chances are good a mouse can squeeze through.


Check Your Roof

The roof is one of the most common places mice enter a building. When you are looking for small holes, gaps, or openings make sure you check the roof as well. You need to cover your chimney with a chimney cap and put a durable mesh screen on your vents.


Don’t Expose The Trash

You need to make sure you always keep the lid on the trashcan. Mice are more likely to enter your home if you have trash lying around because they are looking for something to eat. This is especially important when it comes to your garage. Mice are very sneaky at getting into garages and if you have a lot of trash in your garage chances are good mice will figure out how to get in.


If you just follow those three tips, you should have no problem keeping mice out of your house. Remember to take these necessary precautions to prevent mice from getting in because once they get in it is very tough to get them out.

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