How to Get Rid of Mice from your Kitchen

How to Get Rid of Mice from your Kitchen

Mice infestation can be very frustrating to any homeowner. They dig their little teeth into anything they find. The first sign that your home has been infiltrated by mice is the presence of their droppings in your kitchen or pantry, scratches on your floors and walls, and an ammonia-like smell. These small rodents can cause a lot of damage to a home. They will gnaw on furniture, plastic electric wires, and storage boxes causing irreparable damage. They can also cause deadly diseases.

The best and most effective way of ridding your home of mice is cleanliness. Mice-like places that are dark, damp, and full of filth. Organizing and cleaning your home especially storage areas will eliminate their hiding places. Ensuring that there are no food scraps left on sinks, tabletops, stove-tops, and kitchen counters will help get rid of them.

Mice are easily attracted by the food you keep in your pantry in easy-to-tear bags. Invest in containers that are air-tight and that the mice cannot be nibble. They will help keep the mice away and also keep your pantry well organized and thus no hiding places for the mice. Also, ensure that the pantry is dry and clean at all times.

The use of poison is the most effective way to rid your kitchen of mice. This should be used with caution. It is not advisable to use poisons in households that have children and pets. It takes a very small portion to kill.

Traditional traps are easy to use and also cheap. They do not require much expertise. Your work will be to load a bait and the mouse is done. The only setback of the trap is that you can only catch one mouse at a time. When everything else fails then an exterminator is the next option. This will be more costly compared to the other methods but it will rid your home of mice.

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