how to find mouse entry points

How To Find Mouse Entry Points

One of the most perturbing issues when it comes to mice is how they get into the home in the first place. Moving into a house that has no mice prior to the shift creates a bigger puzzle. It is wise to understand that mice are sneaky and can get through any opening to the house. It does not take an open door (though they effectively use this too) for mice to make your home theirs. Knowing the entry points gives you the ability to handle them by keeping them out or trapping them through a professional. Some of the openings that the mice will use will come naturally due to the construct of the home while others will be created solely by them.

Here are tips on How to Find Mouse Entry Points:

Knowing some of the ways the mice come into the home will help you find the entry points. Most of them will be holes, cracks, and crevices. Mice will easily squeeze through the tiniest of spaces. Some of the natural entry points due to the construct of the home will include cracks in the walls, spaces between the roof and the ceiling, spaces between frames and doors be it garage doors or normal house doors, and being ferried in through items such as furniture, boxes and any other containers. Some of the most common places one will find mice are the basement, the attic, and the garage. The mice will create their own pathways by chewing through the walls in case, they are made of boards, the ceilings, scratching out any loose debris on concrete walls, and eating their way into furniture and boxes stored in the garage, attic, or basement.

Taking time to seal any spaces, holes, and cracks in these places will handle mouse entry points effectively. All these are potential entry points for mice. Setting traps and poisons at these points will also deal with any mice that had already come into the home. It is wise for you to deal with the mice in the home before sealing any points to ensure that none remains in the home.

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