Best Way To Keep Your Garage Free Of Mice

Best Way To Keep Your Garage Free Of Mice

Many people have mice problems in their garage. This is because garages are full of places for them to hide. Mice can climb up any surface and walk across thin wires and ropes. Objects stored in your garage assist mice to climb and hide in your garage. The insides of walls are the best places for mice to hide. Below are ways to keep your garage free of mice:

1. Keep all pet food in closed containers.

This is the best way to keep your garage free of mice. This includes mostly food for dogs and chicken. This food should be kept in sealed containers. It helps to reduce the smell of food that attracts mice. It is therefore very important to take a good look at the items you store in your garage.

2. Spray mouse Repellent.

By spraying the repellent around and outside the garage it will prevent an infestation as you deal with the existing one. The repellant also encourages mice to come out of their hiding to seek food in the garage. As they come out they fall into the traps you have set. Commercial repellents are available in stores for one to buy.

3. Seal holes around the garage.

Look around your garage for any cracks or holes that mice can get into. Seal these holes with patching compound, caulk, or wood. Mice are known to squeeze even in very small holes, so seal all holes that are more than a quarter-inch in diameter.

4. Set live traps.

Place these traps at strategic places and bait them with small pieces of dollpops or cheese. Set the trap near a wall with an open end facing a mice path. Check the traps daily and keep changing their positions to other openings.

5. Ensure your garage is clean.

Clean up your garage since rodents are attracted where there is dirt. Make sure your garage is always dry.

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