Do all mouse droppings have hantavirus

Do all mouse droppings have hantavirus?

Mice are not an aggressive species, they are not going to bite you, they are not likely to come near you as humans and pets terrify them. Mice will move into your house permanently and never leave, they need very little water and can go years without drinking. They are very quiet and can get away with living in a house for years before being noticed. The mice that live in houses mostly survive on crumbs and tend to slowly climb up the walls of the house, floor by floor, up to the attic over many years as the family grows in size.

If you are dealing with rodents, it is best to call a professional mouse removal service in the Greater Toronto Area.

There are many ways to identify that you have mice and many things mice can do to hurt you and your family like leaving feces on your food or getting into food storage you keep for emergencies. It will be quite a fright when you open your emergency box to find mice living in it. 


If you have mice in your home it is important to get them out. Mice feces carry several diseases but non so dangerous as the Hantavirus. This virus is a potentially life-threatening disease that humans can catch from rodents. They get infected by exposure to urine and infected droppings, usually through inhalation. The mouse’s saliva can also carry this disease so don’t try cuddling with mice. The chance of getting these diseases increases dramatically when the animals are in your house. 

It is clear then that you will need to find the mouse infestation and exterminate it. You can do this in a few different ways.

The glue trap is a lot of people’s go-to trap. But this trap is terrible and very inhumane. The mice will get caught together in a pile and will cannibalize each other as they starve to death. Other animals and insects can also get stuck in it and your pets are very likely to try to get the mice out so eat or play with them, this can result in a glue trap stuck to your dog’s foot or snout. 

Human hair, as strange as it sounds is one of the best ways to kill off mice. Mice have no gag reflex and when something like a hair enters their airway, which is very easy based on their mouth and noses proximity to the floor. If the hair enters one of their orifices it will choke them to death and they cannot get it out. This is an easy and cheap way to get rid of this infestation. 

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