chances of getting sick from mouse droppings

chances of getting sick from mouse droppings

Mice are a virulent and aggressive species, they will eat from any food they can access and a closed cupboard door is no impediment. If you have food stashed in the basement or the garage you are inviting mice to consume it and in the process urinate on it, cover it in their toxic saliva and cover it is hard to find droppings that can look like sprinkles on a cake. Mice can enter your home from anywhere. House mice can get into your home from the garage, the foundation if it has cracks and openings. The deer mouse can climb up trees and drain pipes and enter the house through the drip edge getting total attic access right away whereas house mice have to work their way up the house over years. Both of these mice leave countless droppings and their dropping is a source of half a dozen diseases all of which can be fatal without immediate treatment.

If you are dealing with rodents, it is best to call a professional mouse removal service in the Greater Toronto Area.

Handling mouse feces without gloves and a respirator could lead to catching the hantavirus, or worse. You must make sure to protect yourself while cleaning mouse feces and urine, gloves, respirator, and PPE are all needed. If you don’t have or can’t get these protective tools and garments then you cannot clean the feces, you must call a professional who can remove the feces safely and disinfect the area with commercial grade chemicals that will leave the area safe, safe enough for you children and your pets. 

If you have a serious mouse infestation it is important to get rid of them. Do not attempt to use glue traps as they will catch many other creaturs and when multiple mice get trapped they cannibalize each other which can lead to a dangerous toxic mess of blood. This is not what you want when exterminating mice. The best option is poison. Commercial grade rodenticide is the best option but there is one other thing a lot of people use to get rid of mice. It may surprise you but mice are terrified of human hair. Get a bag of hair from the salon and sprinkle it all over the floor of the entire house, its gross but the mice will not be able to leave their nests and with the help of professional poison the mice won’t have a chance. So why wait, call the professionals at Mouse Control. Our technicians may not be able to scatter hair on your floor but they can eliminate the infestation with a powerful dose of rodenticide. 

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