How to safely clean mouse droppings

How to safely clean mouse droppings

Mice are filled with dangerous bacteria, viruses, and parasites like ticks. Now I know you don’t want Lyme disease so you better listen up. If you have an infestation then the part of the home they lived in will be filled with all kinds of urine, feces, and saliva, all of which are a major health hazard.

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While you can try to deal with it when it happens, prevention is a much better plan. If you have an infestation it is very important that once you get rid of the mice, however, you choose to do it, you absolutely must clean up whatever mess they made, especially in insulation which rapidly loses its thermal properties when exposed to such toxins as rat feces, urine, and saliva. 

The most dangerous illness you can get from mice is Hantavirus, this virus exists in mouse feces and when spread especially by the mouse’s urine it can infect humans at a rapid rate. So make sure to protect yourself properly when cleaning up the feces, urine, and saliva of rodents. You should make sure to wear a face mask or a respirator which would be far more effective. Make sure to wear full covering clothing and sturdy gardening gloves lined with some medical gloves. You will then need to shovel or pick up the infected insulation or feces and scoop it into a double-layered garbage bag. When you have finished you should dispose of it in the garbage immediately in a tightly tied bag and in a sealed garbage can because the scent of rodents can attract rodents. 

Hantavirus can be air born when the mouse feces dry and this makes it very dangerous to clean up the feces, you may want to think about calling in a professional who can easily clean up the mess with the correct tools and chemicals to sterilize the area after removal. 

If you want to try it yourself, here are some basic guidelines to follow. Make sure to start the process by airing out the space, this will help get rid of spores and bacteria, and viruses that may be floating in the air. Dead rodents tend to be riddled with parasites to you may see a lot of fleas or small insects crawling on the bodies. Make sure not to sweep up, vacuum, or disturb the feces while you clean or the illnesses in it can become air born. Soak all surfaces after with commercial-grade disinfectant, if you can get it, and make sure you remove any soft materials the mice have defecated or urinated on. They are also a severe health hazard, especially insulation.

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