Does black pepper repel rats or mice?

Does black pepper repel rats or mice?

Mice and rats are sturdy creatures who have lived everywhere imaginable. From oceanic vessels to the deepest jungles of Africa. They are one of the most common animals in the world and are also the most common pest. There is a reason they are used for experimentation by scientists, they are so plentiful and so virial that killing off the whole species would be impossible. If only that was true for the black rhino. There are many ways to keep rats and mice at bay but pepper is not one of them. The mice will avoid it and the rats won’t be bothered by it. Very hot pepper powder may do the trick but for mice, there is a very gross trick that works like magic. Human hair sprinkled on the floor. Mice have no gag reflex and cannot avoid the hair.

If you are dealing with rodents, it is best to call a professional mouse removal service in the Greater Toronto Area.

They swallow it and choke to death. This will kill any mouse that dares to exit the walls. Without food, the entire colony will die off from starvation. Now unlike rats, who are very wet and filled with water mice don’t drink water, they don’t need to consume it for years and when they die they desiccate almost immediately like an ancient Egyptian mummy. This is why it is safe to poison mice instead of catching them, they will not make a smell and are not a biohazard. Don’t bother with traps and focus on what works, poison. 

Mice live in houses permanently. They do not leave, they also do not need to drink very much water. They hunt for food and live in the walls or the basement, anywhere they will not be found. They often get in through the weep vents on brick houses and so can rats. They can compress themselves to the width of a quarter. 

Now if you have rats in your house they are also on your property. Rats do not live in houses, they enter them to hunt for food and then leave and live in a burrow on the lawn. This means that dealing with rats is a two-stage issue and the stages must be performed simultaneously for the treatment to work. This can be very complicated and if you find yourself at a loss for words you should call Mouse Control. We can handle your mouse or rat issue with ease and send those rodents packing. All of our work comes with a 6-month warranty and we take that seriously. If you are still seeing rats or mice after three weeks call us back for free retreatment. 

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