Can Mice Climb Brick Walls?

Yes, mice are able to climb a variety of walls depending on the material, they might have more difficulty or more ease, but the fact stays, yes, they are able to climb brick walls with relative ease until they find an entry-point so they can worm themselves through the hole and find themselves in the interior of the property and spread from thereon.

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Mice are not the cute pest you think that they are, and they happen to be the perfect example of not judging a book by its cover because they can damage your property substantially to the point that you will need to have materials restored or need a full decontamination process. Mice are quite the athletes and will crawl through pipes, climb shingles, and can even jump far distances, about 2 feet to exact.

The mouse is quite the adventurer and will do anything to get to food therefore they are called opportunistic animals because they will take every opportunity to get to whatever food that they are attracted to. The only way to prevent mice from entering your property is to close these entry holes. You need to know what mice can do in terms of squeezing through holes.

Mice can squeeze through holes that are at least 6 mm. They have incredibly flexible skeletons and will use this ability to their full advantage. Mice enter all kinds of entry points around the perimeter such as weep holes, utility line gaps, foundation gaps, air vents, any gaps, and open doors.

What other surfaces can mice climb?

  • Mice can climb a variety of surfaces like vinyl, wood, stucco, brick, and really any materials that are used in facades.
  • Drywall whether it’s painted or unpainted
  • Mice can of course climb trees and branches that overhang your house and this is how they often get into your home! Make sure to trim your branches before It becomes a bridge to your home.
  • Wooden furniture
  • They are able to climb stairs as well and make use of their sharp claws to cling on the material.
  • Mice are able to climb on most metals unless the surface is too smooth and too high!
  • Downspouts

How do mice climb so well?

  • They have sharp claws which give them the ability to grip. These claws are tiny enough to grip crevices, holes, and pores in a wall. A true rock climber it is!
  • Mice can stretch their bodied flat which makes them hang on to surfaces very easily.
  • Mice are incredibly strong for their size. They are able to carry things approximately twice their body weight. Not too bad, eh?
  • Mice use their tails to balance! Pretty neat huh?


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