Professional Mouse proofing Services

Professional Mouse-Proofing Services

Are you tired of dealing with a mouse infestation? Are you worried about getting mice in from the outside? While mice are tiny and agile little animals, it is possible to prevent their entry into the home. There are many things a professional can do to block the mice from entering. Preventing a mouse infestation will save you a lot of hassle. If you are interested in mouse-proofing your home, please give Mouse Control Toronto a call and we’ll get started.

When mouse-proofing the home, a professional will look for common cracks and crevices that mice can crawl through. Mice commonly make their way into houses by crawling under the garage door. There is often a gap large enough for mice to crawl through. If there is weather stripping attached, this often gets worn out to the point where mice have no trouble getting in. Mice are small and nimble – they will fit through a gap that is only the width of a ballpoint pen. This means that mice can also get inside through cracks around windows and doors, through wall vents, weep vents, window screens, and cracks in the foundation. Mice are also great climbers, so they will enter the house through gaps in the roof or suffits. To mouse-proof these gaps, a professional will use things like silicone caulking or galvanized steel mesh to ensure that the mice will not get through. In some cases, a professional might even install one-way doors that will let the mice out of the house, but won’t let them back in.

Some things you can do to avoid an infestation involve the elimination of rodent harborage. This means eliminating any places that mice could hide. Elevate stored items and firewood a few inches above the ground and away from the walls and fences of the house. Avoid the use of double fencing around the home as this provides dead spaces where weeds can grow, and garbage can accumulate. Trim bushes and plants that surround the house and keep tree limbs at least 4 feet away from the roof, eaves, or utility wires of the house. Pick up after the dog (if you have one) and remove fallen fruit and dead plants from the yard. Finally, you should install door sweeps or heavy weather stripping to exterior doors and replace any broken window screens.

Hiring a professional and putting in work yourself will help prevent mice from entering, but it won’t stop an infestation once it has already found its way inside. If you’re currently struggling with mice in your home, a professional can also get rid of them for you. Mice are very difficult to get rid of as they burrow in the insulation of the house and breed rapidly. A professional will have access to commercial-grade pesticides and traps to fully eradicate any mouse problem. Call Mouse Control today (647-496-0492) to see how we can mouse-proof your home and keep your family safe.

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