why-do mice-come-into-the-house-in-the-summer

Why Do Mice Come Into the House in the Summer?

Mice are cute animals and there is no denying that, but they can be very annoying pests to have and even scary for some people. Mice will get inside the house during summer, and you wonder why. Well, the reason might be around you. If you are reading this article inside of a cool building during a sweltering hot day, that is why.

Mice will go inside buildings to get away from the heat just like we humans do and they can do this through several ways we call entry points. Entry points can include but are not limited to weeping holes, utility line gaps, exposed air vents, and foundation gaps.

Mice will come into properties to hide from the heat and thereafter will spread out in the home and reproduce. To get mice out, call Mouse Control.

Mice will make ample use of these entry points and will know where to find them with ease. It is something that we humans either overlook or completely are unaware of. Mice can fit through all types of crevices, holes, and gaps to get inside the building and to even seek a permanent place to stay. Modern homes make it very attractive for mice to stay inside the buildings for several reasons.

There is food, there is water, and there is shelter that keeps these mice away from predators such as dogs, cats, snakes, raccoons, and other types of animals they have it out for the tiny rodent. The home for the mouse is kind of like a fortified bunker that the mouse has no intention of leaving and may even choose in most cases to reproduce. Mice will also go to the garage as well so stay under the radar.

This is a very big issue because of the age that mice are sexually active. Mice will reproduce in a mere few weeks, and this can cause a lot of mice in a very short amount of time. Most people are unaware that they might be seeing several mice instead of one mouse.

Common signs of mouse presence are seeing droppings, loose shreds of paper or cardboard, and gnawed objects all around the house. You might see droppings at random places at random times.  This is an issue because mice will poop at random when you have mouse droppings that may indicate an active mouse presence and that it will need professional treatment. At night you might even hear sounds!

There are a lot of people that will resort to an over-the-counter method that is rarely effective for a big-scale infestation. The reason has to do with the effectiveness and the number of active ingredients that are in these products. Commercial-grade products are very effective. It is because they are deployed in a targeted manner. Professionals know mouse habits and know what they are attracted to. To make sure mice do not infest the building again professionals will seal entry points. To have professional service call xxx-xxx-xxx and contact the licensed and insured professionals from Mouse Control.

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