What to do When You Find Mouse Droppings

What to do When You Find Mouse Droppings

Do you think you found a mouse dropping in your home? Mice are hazardous little rodents who spread diseases in their urine and feces. As they have poor eyesight, mice use this waste to create scent trails, spreading bacteria all over the home. It’s very important that you clean up any mouse droppings you find to reduce your risk of illness. If you suspect a mouse infestation in your home and need help, reach out to Mouse Control Toronto now.

Mice are nocturnal, omnivorous mammals that live in groups. As prey to many other animals, mice seek places to live where they can very easily hide and build nests. The most likely species to invade your home are the house mouse and the deer mouse. The house mouse is mostly grey or brown, while the deer mouse has a tawny brown back and a white belly. Both mice grow up to roughly 10cm in length (tail not included) and can fit through a gap only a quarter of an inch wide. Within a year, the average female mouse can produce as many as 8 litters of baby mice with an average of 4 to 7 babies each.

Mouse droppings are usually shaped like grains of rice. They are very small and measure somewhere between 3 and 6mm in length. They are dark brown or black in colour and appear slimy when fresh. With time, they become very dry. Mouse feces are commonly found in covered places around the kitchen, like in the cabinets, under the sink, or in the pantry. Mice defecate while they are moving, so they leave feces wherever they go. If you think you found a dropping, you should take note of where you found it and consider hiring professional pest removal services.

To clean up droppings, first put on disposable gloves, then spray them with a household disinfectant. Let the disinfectant sit for 10 minutes or however long the product specifies. Pick up the droppings with a paper towel, then throw them out. Disinfect the surrounding area and wash any nearby fabrics at the highest allowable temperature. Mop the floor with disinfectant as well. When done cleaning, throw out the gloves and take out the garbage immediately.

The only way to prevent droppings from appearing throughout the home is to eliminate the mice completely. It is recommended that you make your home less attractive to mice by keeping it tidy and free of clutter. Store foods in tightly sealed containers, take out the garbage every night and begin setting traps. The best thing you can do however is to hire a professional for help. A certified technician will know where to look for mice and will have access to traps that are more effective than those sold in stores. If you’re worried about mice, give Mouse Control a call: 647-496-0492. Ask us about our mouse-proofing and disinfection services.

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