How Long Are Mouse Droppings Dangerous

How Long Are Mouse Droppings Dangerous?

Mouse droppings are always dangerous. While the hantavirus is known to survive in the environment for 2-3 days, mouse droppings always risk containing an abundance of other harmful bacteria. Droppings are a breeding ground for other bacteria from the environment to grow. These can also disperse into the air as the droppings dry out and get shuffled around. Cleaning these droppings up is essential. Eliminating mice from the home and preventing them from coming back is even more so. If you’re struggling with a mouse infestation, please do not hesitate to give Mouse Control Toronto a call.

The house mouse and the deer mouse are the two most common species in Canada. These mice are both grey or brown in colour, but the deer mouse has a white belly and white feet. Both mice grow up to about 10cm long – 20cm if you count their tails. These mice like to live in people’s homes for their warmth and proximity to food. As omnivores, mice will eat just about anything. Note that the deer mouse carries hantavirus while the house mouse does not. Both however carry diseases like Salmonellosis, Listeria, and even the Bubonic plague. Mouse droppings contain these bacteria, so it’s important that they be removed immediately and appropriately.

When cleaning up droppings, you should first put on a pair of latex, vinyl, or rubber gloves to protect yourself. Spray the droppings with disinfectant and let it sit for about 10 minutes. Pick up the droppings with some paper towel and throw it out immediately. Spray the surrounding area with disinfectant as well, then wipe everything up. Mop the floor with disinfectant. When disposing of a nest or a dead mouse, you should also use the disinfecting spray first before picking them up. Any contaminated fabrics that may be contaminated should be soaked in a bleach solution and washed at the highest allowable temperature. Rugs and upholstered furniture should be steam cleaned or washed with shampoo.

While it’s possible to clean up after mice, the real challenge lies in getting rid of the mice themselves. It’s very difficult to get rid of them once they are inside the home because they are very good at hiding and they reproduce very quickly. To get rid of mice, you should tidy up the home as best you can and set traps. Remove clutter, clean and disinfect the kitchen regularly, and store food in sealable containers. Seal up every crack and crevice you find in the walls, then set snap traps everywhere the mice go. When a mouse has been caught, reset the trap immediately. Rigorous, continuous elimination is the key to removing a mouse infestation.

Cleaning up after mice and eliminating them yourself can be very stressful. Remember that you can always get professional help to take care of it for you. Mouse Control’s technicians are experienced in mouse removal. We conduct thorough inspections, treatments, and mouse-proofing services that safely and effectively keep the mice away for good. Call Mouse Control today (647-496-0492) and ask us about our disinfection services.

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