what is considered a mouse infestation

what is considered a mouse infestation

One mouse. One mouse is an infestation. Why do you ask? Because that one mouse has seventeen brothers and nine sisters and they did not come in part. They are all in your home and they are all pooping, urinating and covering your food with saliva. This is a common narrative that happens a great deal. Someone will see a mouse. They will think the mouse was from outside. Just a random mouse, maybe you get a broom and manage to push it outside and now it’s gone and you feel safe. But brimming in your walls is a whole family of mice breeding at a rapid rate and consuming all the food in your house that is not protected by a fridge or thick, strong plastic containers. Mice have teeth that never stop growing and this means they have to chew on everything to keep their teeth filed down. This includes everything in your home including electric wires and wood and metal and plastic. They can cause huge amounts of damage and even cause a house fire by chewing electric wires. if you are experiencing a rodent problem, call Mouse Control Toronto   

So yes, one mouse is an infestation, there is no question. One mouse can burn your house down, put you in the hospital with a virulent disease or simply bite you and give you sepsis. They are the most dangerous and consistent pests in homes across the world and in Ontario, they are just as nasty and infuriating as any infestation.

The cause of a mouse infestation is often on the shoulders of the house owner. If you have a messy yard or crowded house filled with hoarded objects and badly stored foodstuffs then you are a prime contender for a serious mouse infestation. If you have a bird feeder or eat outside a lot without cleaning up then you will most certainly have a mouse infestation in no time at all. If this is the case then calling the professionals will do little to nothing. No one can exterminate your mice if your home is a haven for them. You must do the work of clearing out your home so the technician can do the work of exterminating the mice, quickly and efficiently. 

If this is the case and you need help right away with your mouse issue then call  Mouse Control for all your mouse infestation needs. Our experienced and trained technicians can find the cause of your infestation rapidly and resolve the situation easily. 

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