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What you need to know about field mice

There are many different kinds of mice in the world. In North America, three main varieties plague humans the most. While all mice are different in various ways they all have similarities. All mice can go for extremely long periods without drinking water. They are also able to chew through extremely tough materials. As rodents, their teeth continue to grow throughout their lives and if they do not constantly chew their teeth will eventually grow through their mouth. Mice are also very careful about what they eat. They have no gag reflex and they have a very small windpipe and cannot cough to eject something from either their digestive tract or their lungs. If something small like human hair slid into their mouth they would choke and die. This is why all mice stay far away from human hair as it is deadly to them.  if you are experiencing a rodent problem, call Mouse Exterminator Toronto   

The field mouse is only one of the many mice in Canada, like the house mouse and the deer mouse they carry diseases that can harm humans both in their saliva, in their urine and especially in their feces. When cleaning feces from a mouse infestation make sure to wear protective gear, gloves and try not to be too quick as you will disturb the feces too much and cause the bacteria in it to become airborne. The best option is a shop vac that can take all the feces in without causing a storm of disease. If you do not have one consider renting one or hiring a professional who can come in and clean up the whole basement. 

The field mouse is a certain variety that varies from other mice, especially the house mice, in that is can climb and jump very far. They can easily climb up the drainpipe and enter the attic through the drip edge or an open soffit, or even through a fascia vent. In that way, they are more like squirrels than mice, able to run, climb and jump like a squirrel and enter through the roof like a squirrel it makes sense that squirrels are rodents with longer, fluffier tails. The mice will generally invade the attic, avoiding the lower active levels of the house. Most field mice will use the attic for breeding and sleeping and will leave the attic to hunt in the yard for food instead of doing what house mice do which is to look for food in the house itself, often in the kitchen pantry. 

If you have mice you will need to get rid of them. The best way to do that is to call the professionals at  Mouse Control. Book now, don’t wait for the infestation to get worse!

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