Rental House Infested with Mice

Rental House Infested with Mice

Rental houses are all the rage right now whether you are there for a one-day trip or a full holiday, a rental house can make you feel at home in a foreign city! Property owners go to great lengths to make sure rental houses are in the best shape possible making them like real hotels at just a fraction of the cost of a traditional hotel! Rental houses depend a lot on reviews which can bring in lots more renters and revenue over time and one bad review can spell disaster if something is not up to standards. Through the power of the internet, our most inner thoughts and opinions can be out in the public eye for a netizen to see and share across platforms as well. Videos, pictures, comments, stars, reviews; all have an impact on how successful that rental property will be.

If you are dealing with a mouse infestation, contact the professional and licensed technicians from Mouse Control for a swift removal!

What if something is missing or worse something makes the stay uncomfortable to the point the guests need to move out? What if the reason was a full-fledged mouse infestation? Seeing a mouse is unpleasant, but seeing a mouse in a house where you are supposed to enjoy your time can really ruin one’s day! Guests can share this information will millions in an instant and can heavily drive the rating down. So, what to do when you are the guest and spot a mouse? The first thing to do is not to panic and call the property owner immediately and inform them of the sighting. In most cases, a middle man is involved in these rental houses where the rental house was advertised on. This can either be an app or a website. They will have a customer service number where people can reach them for specific issues related to your stay.

In most cases, a refund can be asked and it will take a couple of business days or weeks to arrive in your bank account. Different policies exist and will require different actions on the renter’s part.
If you are a property rental owner, assure the guests that it will be worked on as soon as possible. Depending on the duration of the stay and severity of the infestation this can take a few days to resolve. It is best to discuss options with the guests and even offer an alternative stay if possible. Professional pest specialists need to be hired as soon as possible in order to gauge the scope as well as find an immediately viable solution to the infestation.

It is recommended to have a licensed and certified professional conduct an exterior and interior inspection at least once a year to make sure that an infestation is out of the question. Contact the professionals from Mouse Control immediately to book an appointment.

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