how to know if mice are gone

How Do You Know When All the Mice Are Gone?

This question can be ironically answered by asking how you knew they were there in the first place. When residential and commercial properties have mouse activities, people can usually find out by paying attention to several things. Mice are very curious creatures and might even slip up when curiosity gets the best of them by making themselves obviously visible, or by giving themselves away by audibly gnawing. If mice are gone for an extended period after a heavy mouse infestation, you will certainly notice based on the following signs listed out below:

If you are seeing or hearing mouse activity any time of the day, make sure to call the mouse removal service Mouse Control for swift eradication.

Not seeing live mice

This might appear to be an obvious sign, but this might also be the sign that something is actually changing. Mice often leave the nest for food, water, or to scavenge for nesting materials. They try to do this as stealthy as possible by dashing alongside walls. When the mice are gone, you won’t see them in several places where they once used to be. For one, the kitchen is a very important place due to the abundance of food. If you stopped seeing mice there, chances are that the mice are gone.

Not seeing feces

Mice leave feces all over the place and have no regard for proper bathroom manners. Mouse feces can be distinguished by their small size that looks like chocolate sprinkles. If the feces are the size of rice then you are dealing with mice! Mice feces can be mostly seen under appliances such as the fridge or the dishwasher. Having a hardwood floor will make It easier to see as well. If you are sure that you are not seeing new feces scattered around, then that might indicate that the mice are gone.

Not hearing noises

Mice are nocturnal rodents and will go out and about at nighttime. In the event where the nest is too full, other mice have no choice but to take advantage of the daytime. You might hear gnawing, pitter-patter, and mice brush up against the wall or hear them bump into various objects. For many, these are very unsettling noises because there is a sort of uncertainty attached to them which leads to a heightened sense of anxiety. Not hearing these noises is a positive sign that mice activity has subsided or even stopped completely!

Not smelling mice

Urine and feces have a very strong odor that can be smelled from a considerable distance. The odor has very strong ammoniac notes. In severe cases, the smell can permeate throughout the entire property depending on the size of the premises. If mouse feces and urine have been sitting for a while, a waft will certainly be noticed. The smell will not go away on its own and will need a proper decontamination session to get rid of the harmful bacteria.

All of the above signs can vary on a number of factors and will require a proper inspection to confirm whether the mice are actually gone. The seasoned mouse removal experts at Mouse Control can help with that by carefully conducting a thorough interior inspection. If you are interested in having your mouse activity or absence verified, contact the customer service team at Mouse Control for a free over-the-phone consultation and to book an appointment for an interior inspection!

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